Want to do heavy lifting without doing heavy labor? HydraWedge will lend you a hand. This Ingenious portable tool gives you up to 60 tons of muscle -- lets you make light, single-handed work of jobs like felling heavy timber, spreading pipe flanges, prealigning tilt-up wall slabs and leveling big machines. It does anything you might ordinarily do with a hammer and wedge, but without the effort, the shock, the inaccuracy or the flying fragments and sparks. And it gives you continuous, critical control for extreme accuracy in alignment and positioning. You can take HydraWedge units anywhere and use them in any position. They weigh just a little over 20 pounds and come with a handy carrying strap(Pipeline workers have even used them on the ocean floor).
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  • Ideal for emergency rescue operations
  • Heavy lifting power without heavy labor
  • Safe, positive operation
  • Smooth, precise control for critical positioning
  • Light, compact -- take it anywhere
  • Thousands in use all over the world!